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Picture Perfect Land­scaping can help you plant your lawn by seed which can have advantages and disadvantages to other methods such as laying sod, plugging, etc.

Advantages of seeding
  1. It is much less expensive to plant than sod.
  2. You can choose from a wide variety of grass seeds and mixtures.
  3. Seeded lawns tend to be more durable due to the deep root systems that form.

Choosing your grass seed

The best times to plant cool-season grasses are in the early fall, and warm-season grasses in the late spring.

There are also many other considerations such as durability, shade tolerance, drought tolerance, etc. that can be associated with each grass in the 'Getting to Know' your lawn section. So make sure you pick the right grass for you.

Finally, there is the issue of grass texture. Some people will want a finely-groomed lawn and therefore, will want a fine-textured grass -- while others will not care. Just keep in mind that the grasses with fine textures tend to be: bluegrass, bermuda, ryegrass, bentgrass, and fine fescues.

...and keep an eye out for moles, voles, possum, and gophers (just kidding).

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